38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: guys,wen I go for urine a small amount of white discharge went into that, what does that mean? Iam 38wks pregnant

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Answer: You may have yeast infection. Very soon consult it gynac
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Question: 38 weeks pegnant. What amount of white discharge secret so that i go for hospital?
Answer: Hi. You dont need to ho hospital after white discharge. As if its even mucus plug it will take atleast 1-2 week tonget labour pain. Mucus plug discharges in huge amount so is so. Its important that you be active as much as possible it will help you getting labour pain.
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Question: Is it normal to have a small amount of white discharge tht comming out with urine
Answer: Yeah it's normal in pregnancy it's protect mother's from Virginal infection
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Question: I m 7weeks pregnant, but a small amount of white discharge forms, is it normal
Answer: Hi.. It is normal to have white discharge in early pregnancy so you don't need to worry don't do heavy work keep your body cool drink more water and fluid items we can also take aloe vera juice juice also helps you to keep bodies temperature cool .
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Question: Iam 6 months pregnant, while coughing and sneezing a very small amount of urine is leaking😢
Answer: That is common due to frequency to go for urinals... U should try to hold that..dont cough or sneeze forcefully...
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