34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Guys please don't laugh at me ...what happened is I was standing and suddenly a cockroach came towards me...and as I am very afraid of it so I had to jump and run away... Hoping everything will be fine..

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Answer: Nothing to worry , unless you don't feel moments of baby , if you don't feel any moment then go to doctor immidiately
Answer: Hahaha... Everything will be ok till u r not feeling any problem..
Answer: Don't worry . Everything is ok
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Question: Hi dr,0n 28th jan i had gone with tiffa scan everthing related to baby growth was normal but placenta was low lying at 28mm away from cervix is everything will b fine...
Answer: hi dear! so your placenta is definately low lying placenta. so generally the placenta is located more towards the upward . and as the pregnancy progresses, the placenta tends to shift upwards. so 2.8cm is the distance which means that the placenta is low. and in such cases we dont generally do anything other than wait and watch. so we should see the placenta in every scan to see if its still going to move its position. otherwise dont worry a normal vaginal delivery is possible for you . generally anything above 2-3cm can have normal vaginal delivery so dont worry . take care! and goodluck!
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Question: Hi , I am 13th week pregnant and suddenly yesterday I observed dark brown mucous. Though it was little and happened only one time it never happened to me before this. I am worried now , whether everything okay with baby?
Answer: Hello dear, This is a normal colour change. It happens when the blood is older and not being expelled from the body quickly. Temporary thick heavy flow isn't necessarily a cause for concern. You should worry when it comes again and again and red in colour. Hope it helped, Take care urself...
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Question: I have had a miscarriage before 3 months and now I am 4 week pregnant.i am very nervous about the previous miscarriage.will everything should be fine?.will doctor say, everything is fine?...need ur suggestion
Answer: Dont worry dear, just forget about the past and be happy now..consult ur doctor. She will help u and give all necessary medication u need to grow ur baby. If u r a working woman, its better to take leave for some time in early months. Eat healthy food,take rest,stay blessed
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Question: Hi. We had our anamoly scan. Everything was fine except the fetus has SUA - Single umbilical artery. Im very much worried . Will my baby be hale and healthy?.
Answer: Hello! Sua is single umbilical artery, generally it is nothing much to worry about. Most of the time the baby is healthy. But growth might be little slow which is fine. The doctor will keep a watch through out the pregnancy. Take care
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