2 months old baby

Question: hii guys my baby crying alot in between 4pm to 7 pm with high pitch continuously while crying she ignores the drinking of milk but if I keep pacifier she becomes silent .she is 2 months old what may be the problem plz suggest

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Answer: Hello Colic is wr the baby cries for more than 3 hours of the day. The cause of colic is unknown. But here are some remedies that will help soothe ur baby. Play white noise. Lie the baby on his back in a dark room and quiet room swaddle him or rock him in a soft blanket. Lay him across on ur lap n rub his back. U can also give the baby a gentle massage. Put a warm water bottle on ur baby s tummy. Give ur baby a warm bath. If ur baby is formula fed then get a bottle that is designed to suck on less air. Hope I helped
Answer: If the baby cries at same time everyday then it may be because of colic pain. Please burp the baby more regularly and also give tummy time with your supervision. You can also try Hing and warm water paste around novel area which helps solve gas issues. You can also visit the pediatrician for some colic pain resolving drops such as colicaid. This colic pain is very normal in newborn baby and will get gradually reduced by 3-4 months time. Please mark as useful if satisfied.
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Question: hii guys my baby 2months 20 days old on Monday her vaccination is done . everything is normal but next day onwards she crying alot at least 30 min with high pitch not at all drinking the milk while crying what is the reason did anyone faced it plz help me
Answer: It is normal..she feels the pain and will cry..give her medicine..
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Question: Today my baby is crying alot. Doesn't seems that he has stomachache. He is not even drinking milk like always. He is silent in my arms. What can be the reason? How I can make him calm down?
Answer: Hello! It could be that due to sleep posture or any insect biting the baby or simply a mosquito bite can cause the baby cry. Try to keep the baby in arms for some time and put the baby to sleep. Once he sleeps you can put him on bed. Take care
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Question: My baby was 3 months old she was drinking the milk when she was in the sleeping time after weak up she was not drinking if i force to drink she was crying i have to collect the milk from me and pouring in mouth with spoon then she was drinking what the reson and plz give me soloution
Answer: Hi! Its normal in such small babies, dont wory its temporary, however pls check if anything from the below reason is bothering the baby; 1) Breast is engorged and difficult for baby to feed. 2) Baby is full and doesnt want feed, in this case follow hid cues. 3) The flow of your milk, in the first few weeks the flow is more, and tough to handle for the baby. 4) Weather can affect feeding And you can try helping the baby by changing your position of feeding once and check.o 3) Skin to skin contact play a major role in feeding, pls try to gjve that... Good luck!
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