8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Gur shakar is allowed in first trimester. ??? Please tell

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Answer: Yes, u can have gur prducts in pregnancy as it has many nutritional benefits. It successfully purifies breast milk by removing impurities. In that way, your baby gets clean and healthy breast milk for strength and nourishment.
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Question: What all fruits are allowed in first trimester
Answer: Except paapaya and pineapple u can take any fruits..take in limit
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Question: Can I take Jaggery (Gur) during first trimester of pregnancy ?
Answer: Hi dear, yes u can but in moderation. Regular intake of jaggery in any form with any food will help combat anemia. A Regular intake of jaggery with ginger juice helps in better absorption of iron. 
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Question: Is travelling allowed in 2nd trimester
Answer: If your pregnancy is safe, there is no harm in traveling. You can consult your doctor once if it is a long journey.
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