11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Helloo..gud evng...iam suffering from severe constipation..even iam taking loads of water and fibre rich foods..and i have also tried stool softeners..nothing works...it is terrible pain and burining sensation over there...please suggest me some product so that i can get a big relief....

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Answer: Hello mam but any how u have to over come that period wright.... Apply Castrol to lower abdomen.... Add Castrol in food also...in sambar gravy.... Drink TC water
Answer: Dear, If you can't find any relief from home remedies, then better to talk to your gynoclosit. She will suggest you better.
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Question: Hi, I am in my 9 month of pregnancy and facing severe constipation over last few days. Tried taking the laxative recommended by doctor but that has not helped. Please suggest some safe and effective home remedies for relief.
Answer: I can take bananas or fiber rich food, 🍊 oranges and watermelon
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Question: I have constipation problem from last 4 to 5 years .. now im 9 weeks pregnant and this problem got much severe ..my stomach looks so big and bloated and full .. i took "cremafin" syrup as suggested by my doctor..but did not help.. eating bananas gauva , tried hot water with lemon honey.. drinking hot water wen going to bed ..walking ..nothing helps me much.. pls help me Dr
Answer: Hi dear , you must have alot of trouble. See the simplest solution should be by drinking more water. About 2 liters of liquids should be enough. Try to avoid any high-sugar beverages. Definitely nothing with caffeine like coffee, tea or cola. Tap water or bottled water is basically the best option.Eat more fibers. Basically, eat bread. Eat fruits. Eat more raw vegetables. Eat prunes! Avoid Fast Food.if all doesn’t help, visit your doctor. You might have an iron deficiency or something else making it more difficult to poop…
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