40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Gud mrng.. I'm 39 weeks pregnant.. I'm due on 2nd nov.. after internal examination yesterday doctor said delivery is doubt before due date.. is there any problem if delivery is prolonged and why is it taking so much time for delivery..

Answer: Hi,it could be because the cervix must not have diluted ,so there is nothing to worry if the other medical factors like bp etc is normal Don't worry Take walks. Do exercises in consultation with your Dr . All the best
Answer: Nothing to worry.. many people have delivered even by 42nd week.. if it's ur first baby, give some time ..
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Question: Hi... one doubt if doctor does internal examine bleeding will come ah... 2day is due date
Answer: A little bit can occur but if bleeding is heavy visit doctor for check up immediately!
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Question: Yesterday i had internal examination doctor said there is no opening of uterus so they told me admit on 22 and induce pain using tablet. Is it safe as my due date is 23
Answer: Today is 21 and your due date is on 23 and if there is no opening of uterus till now then even though waiting for tomorrow will be no harm but you can wait for your satisfaction if you do not have any blood pressure sugar thyroid for any kind of problem in your pregnancy time your Placenta is all well amniotic fluid is all well then you can wait but again on 23rd also if nothing happens then you will have to go for an induction and try the best to deliver the baby vaginally or else in an emergency a cesarean will be done do not worry because waiting more than 23 will only create problem so going today tomorrow or on 23rd is of not of much difference because Ideale the vaginal muscles starts to contract and you feel pain since two three days earlier of your due date and if you still do not have any kind of pain in vagina then you will need an induction
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Question: After due date doctor induces labour na.. After that how much time it takes for delivery
Answer: hi as soon as a doctor in uses labour within few hours you may go into the process of delivering still depends from women to women in some cases it doesn't work and then they are suggested to go in for a csec delivery
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