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Question: Gud afternoon Dr. My friend is 7th month pregnant.. Her doctor said that in her ultrasound seen single loose loop of cord seen around neck. Is it normal or something to worry?? Plz rply

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Answer: hi dear! so dear there is no problem if there is a single loop of cord around the baby's neck.it happens most of the time in the pregnancy . and the cord can unwind at nay point in the pregnancy . which is a possibility as the baby moves. and dont worry about the baby as the baby is receiving the blood oxygen and nutrients through the cord and not through breathing as the baby will breathe only after coming out. so dont worry normal delivery can be possible in these situations dont worry , the baby's head will be delivered first and then the cord will be taken out and the rest of the body will be delivered. so dont worry. you will just have to keep a track on the cord through the scans. take care dear. i hope this information is helpful to you!
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Question: Single loop of cord around neck is something to worry?? Plz answer
Answer: Hello! This is generally a common phenomenon faced by many women. There is nothing to worry, just keep a watch on the movements of your babysitting and if anytime you find the movements too be less, called the doctor immediately.
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Question: Am 33 weeks pregnant and single loop of loose cord around the baby's neck, is it something to worry ??
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy single lose chord you need not worry about it there are chances of normal delivery too there are chances for it to become normal at the time of delivery doctor will check do not worry if you get any discomfort get checked do not neglect or delay
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Question: Ultrasound show cord around neck single loop do i need to worry, is normal delivery possible
Answer: Their is possibility that this cord is remove in coming week....keep ur self active....walk as much as possible.....after a week pocha lagao....the above help in both normal delivery and cord removing......and their is possibility of normal delivery with loop also
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