8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Gravid uterus with single live noted,,, heart beat 147bpm,,crl 11.95mm ,7weeks3days is normal or not plz give me answer

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Question: Single live intra uterine gestation with Cephalic position noted means wt ? Is everything normal
Answer: Single live intra uterine means u have one live baby in your uterus Cephalic position means Head of your baby is down...😊😊😊hv a wonderfull pregnancy
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Question: uterus is gravid & contains single live fetus with breech presentation at present.. here what is meant by breech? is there any problem?
Answer: Baby's head is upside...it's the position of the baby..it's not a problem...baby's position may change..
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Question: Gravid uterus shows a live single foetus in tranverse presentation foetal pole ,movement and cardiac activity well visualized foetal heart rate 148 BPM "what does this line meas?
Answer: Hi! Your report says that your baby is lying across your abdomen, babys head is at one side lying across, which is normal till 26-29 weeks but after that baby should turn or atleast breech position is expected Dont worry thr is no harm but if baby doesnt turn be prepares for a C-Section because its next to impossible for a vaginal delivery for a tranverse position. Good luck!
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