27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Good morning, some time's while doing work or while walking i suddenly feel heavy and it make difficult for walking or to do work, i feel as if baby has sat in one side,is it normal any body feels the same way please help me.

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Answer: Hi dear, Yes,it happens.when you have been sitting for long time,sudden movements like standing and walking would get difficult as gravity pull your while weight downwards.you feel it more because by end of second trimester your body fluids and baby weight increases rapidly and also if you have been inactive more of the time,your body won't cooperate further.so keep yourself active even though it gets difficult.
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Question: After sex at night, in the morning, we should do work of household as same manner or we take some precautions for doing work??? If i conceive and idonot know before 45 days then there is chance of miscarriage???
Answer: Hi mam,, Ya do your household work in same manner.. But if you feel more tired stop the work and take some rest .. Why means your planning for pregnancy
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Question: M 27th week pregnant. I feel pain in vagina while sleeping or turning from left to right side. Is it nomal? While doing work or walking its not paining. Only during sleeping time
Answer: Same case is mine I have a severe pain while sleeping ma vagina and ma legs have severe pain and once I get up in d morning and walk d pain also goes off
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Question: my 34th week started today and i feel heavy pressure in my bladder as if something is pushing it. do i need to go to the doctor.. i feep difficult while even walking
Answer: the baby grows during this time that is why..and is preparing for labor..if the pressure is unbearable then consult ur doc otherwise it is normal..
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