30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Good Morning repliers, I, m 30 weeks pregnant... but belly looks small...when belly will get expand... Many thanks for your reply in advance

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Question: Iam 4 months pregnant and i will complete my 4th month of pregnancy with in 15dys but my belly looks flat when my belly bump will be
Answer: Hello dear Usually those who become pregnant for the first time those tummy will start seeing from 12-16 weeks. But the mothers who are pregnant for the second time their tummy will start seeing soon because their uterine and abdominal muscles are already stretch. U don't need to worry if ur tummy is not seen because every ladies are different and their body shape and size are also different
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Question: Hii ...I m 15 weeks pregnant...I am suffering from heavy constipation... please suggest home remedies or something else. Your kind help will be appreciated... Thanks in advance...
Answer: Hi dear.. To reduce condtipation drink water frequently, drink lemon juice, coconut water, fresh fruit and fresh vegetable juice.. and have fennel seeds...
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Question: I am 39 weeks my belly looks small what is the reason for small belly
Answer: Hi dear size  depends on so many factors like height of mom, how many babies u r carrying, ur body posture, baby body posture, if this is ur 1st pregnancy then the size will be more, amount of amonotic fluid, baby weight, so size doesnt means u don't have healthy baby but it just varies person to person.
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