20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Good morning mdm....Im 19weeks pregnent....i not feel my baby movements....how many weeks to i feel that....im frist pregnency

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Answer: Hi I felt my first movement at my 18th week . But each baby develops differently . Don't worry if you don't feel him/her kick have a glass of warm water always helps me. Mostly movements start around 5-6month of pregnancy . So I'm told by my nurse
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Question: Im not feeling any baby movements inside. Im in 19weeks
Answer: Don't worry.. if its your first baby then you will start feeling it from 22+ weeks ....your bundle of joy is moving a lot inside but you can only feel those butterfly flutters this time...but you will soon start to have those wonderful moments...all the best dear...
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Question: Hi mdm im 13week pregnant , how many weeks hv to take eema hcg injection
Answer: Hi dear, normally you should take this injection atleast in your 1st trimester but it depends on your pregnancy progress. You have to take the injections as long as presribed by your doctor. Take care.
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Question: Good morning ,till how many weeks of pregnancy can i go to office.right now im 34 weeks pregnant
Answer: It's better to take rest in the ninth month. Don't go to office. Prepare yourself for the delivery.
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