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Question: Good morning, I have last periods on 15th oct. And my menstrual cycle is not regular. Periods were on 40, 42 or 45 days gap. I want to plan for baby. I don't have periods till date. And also one question is when is my ovulating period, i can't calculate it. What should I do to solve this problems?

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Answer: You can go for strip test from home at 50 days of missed period...
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    U should consult to your doctor for better result of pregnancy as soon as possible.

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Question: My period cycle is 28days I have regular periods... Every month I am ovulating but unable to concive please help me what I do
Answer: Hello dear Lying on bed for half an hour after sex increases ur chances of conceiving. After intercourse, sperm comes out if u stand and go to washroom. So, to increase ur chances of pregnancy, it would be good if u lie on bed for half an hour.
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Question: My periods due date was oct 23. I always have regular cycle but this time no periods but my pregancy strip test is negative. . Am i pregnant or not?mam today is my 45 day how can i confirm mam
Answer: Dear if it has been 15 days since you are missing ur periods then you need to consult the doctor as if not pregnancy then hormonal imbalance is causing this delay in periods. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am Ranjitha... actually i got my periods on 30th August till now i dint my periods this much my periods cycle is regular and 28 days cycle...slight pain back and leg is there more only..plz suggest me
Answer: Hi dear,you should wait for 8 days after you have missed your period so that means you should do your blood beta HCG test done on 6 th Oct to confirm your pregnancy All the best
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