21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Good morning 💐 I am 20 weeks twin pregnant. I am having argin sachet twice a day. Also, coconut water, fluids, anwla daily. Kya ye meri help karega, as i have low amniotic fluid. Koi aur advise. Blessings always for everyone 🙏

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Answer: Drink as much as fluids..u can...drink barley water drink soaf water if u can it ll hep u alot.
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    Nupur Pramanick1071 days ago

    soaf water kaise drink karna h ..means soaf ko water me soak karle uska water..is this benefit

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Question: Doctor says i am having low amniotic fluid. I am drinking 3 liters of water daily. Also water from one coconut. Still no improvement in the levels. Suggest me others ways to improve my amniotic fluid level.
Answer: Hi. Have coconut water twice, also have 2-4 litre water include fruits that have good water content like water melon, musk melon etc. . Take proper rest for now and dont walk much now. .
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Question: I am 19+ weeks twin pregnant. I had an ultrasound yesterday. My babies are growing up nicely. Everything is fine, but amniotic fluid is found low. How can I increase this fluid. As doctor have advised me to take bed rest. I am taking water as well as coconut water plus regin plus sachet twice a day as guide by my gynaecologist. Please suggest something good water increasing stuffs. Thanks and blessings for everyone.
Answer: here are some very necessary fluids which are good for water increasing in pregnancy. these will not only increase your water level as well as healthy. During pregnancy, your body needs more water to cope with the demands of your changing body. Water is essential for healthy blood cells and to keep your body hydrated. except water there are lots of fluids you can drink. coconut water  helps prevent dehydration. It is an extremely healthy option. Nimbu pani keeps you hydrated and provides vitamin C that helps your body to absorb iron more effectively. You can sip nimbu pani during the day or with your meal.  Fresh juices from musambi, oranges pineapple ,kharbuja and watermelons are great . Milk products are high in calcium, protein and Vitamin B-12. lassi and chhaach are very good fluids. Jal jeera, aam panna and fruit sherbets have a special place in most homes.  these healthy drinks are believed to cool, hydrate as well as help cope with morning sickness. Drink vegetable juice it is good option and number of benefits like iron, calcium and many more. Make a plain glass of water more refreshing by adding frozen fruit such as orange (santra), lemon (nimbu), kiwi, peach (aadu), apricot (khubani) and plum (aloo bukhara) instead of ice cubes. In the heat, Slices of lemon added to iced tea can also provide some relief from morning sickness. 
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Question: I have lack of amniotic fluid. It's 6.4 and have take hermin infusion twice. Also taking arghihope sachet twice a day still it's not increasing. Please advise further what can be done.
Answer: Oh dear. I'm sorry to know that your amniotic fluid is not increasing inspite of taking medication. Try drinking coconut water, fruit juices and water a lot. Basically the more fluids you intake there is a chance your AFI will increase. Let's hope for the best. Take care.
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