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Question: Good morning friends. Had my last period on 15th jan... Have pcod ... But still my periods were always regular. Did test in morning, it showed negative. What to do... When should I test again for the result

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Answer: Hi dear if you are periods of last month was on 15th of January and today's 21st of February means there is a delay of 6 days now please wait for some more time it might happen because at times few days + - is common in normal period cycle however since you have PCOD it might be a problem that if you have gained your weight or the PCOD has increased a little that is why this delay so it will be better to check it with the doctor if you do not get your periods even after 10 to 12 days .. Hope this helps!
Answer: Repeat the test again after 1 week. Or else go with blood test
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Question: My last period was on 25 dec 2018 and i did my pregnancy test on 25 jan 2019, the result was faint positive line, today i did the test again and result was negative, i have pcod, am I pregnant?
Answer: Hi, I have pcod too. Please consult a doctor may be she will advise you to get blood test done. May be u r pregnant. Good luck !
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Question: My last period dec7th, I have regular periods,with unprotected intercourse, but Jan period miss & pregnancy result still 25th Jan negative, am I pregnant or others problems??
Answer: Hi dear, By now your pregnancy test should.have been positive.its more than one and half month. There are many reasons for negative result: 1- late conception 2- hormone level not upto the mark 3-too early testing 4-defective test kit 5- timing of testing To avoid above things,one should give sufficient time for your hormones to rise .give atleast a week after you missed your period and then test.ypu can better test it through,blood test,which is quick and accurate.
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Question: I had my last period on 11th jan on 12th jan I took test its negative what should I do
Answer: What u mean ur period ended on 11jan and u did test on 12jan or 12feb...ques clearly
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