40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Good evening mommies😊I m 27 week pregnant, today i went through sonography & it says AFI is 7 to 8 cm.Low on amniotic fluid . Plz suggest how to increase the amniotic fluid. Thank you .

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Answer: Take more rest, drink lots of water fruit juices, soups and all. Don't worry have faith over your gyneac. He/she can better guide you. This is very common in pregnancy. Be strong u r gonna be a moth r.
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Question: i am 22 week pregnant today my sonography report says inadeqaute liquor. AFI 9.6 What diet should be followed to increase amniotic fluid. Please suggest. I am worried.
Answer: Dear, so we are suspecting that your amniotic fluid level is less than required so it will be less than 10 and drink all these water juices is very important we need to increase your amniotic fluid. You should be drinking water more than 3 litres a day is very important even if after 15 days your water level does not release to optimum or adequate mark then your doctor will give you i.v drips so now---understand how important it is to drink all these three three glasses of juice milk and coconut. Drink more water and unsweetened juices. so you must take it now and take it seriously. otherwise if your amniotic fluid level decreases then you will be going on an IV fluid trip with medicines as well to help support your baby with the necessary fluid from an external origin
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