3 months old baby

Question: Good eve, my baby is about 86 days old...but her tummy is so thick and looks like baloon type filled cavity...what shouod be the reason for it ?

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Answer: Apk baby k tummy m gas ho ge. Use colic drops once in a day. Or use honey with pinch of suhaga.
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Question: My baby is 11 weeks old, and i can see, hee belly is so huge.....looks like huge baloon blaoted.....what could be the reason.....her stool paas is so accurate & Healthy time
Answer: Hello! It could be simply gas. Try to put the baby on tummy or massage the tummy with oil and hing. This will help to some extent. Take care
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Question: Will stomach looks bloated after ovulation days of having intercourse.. what is the reason for it?
Answer: Hello dear , during ovulation different hormonal surges occurs in our body which can cause feeling bloated , breast heaviness or pain in breast. Intercourse is not the reason of feeling bloated.
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Question: My baby is 5months old but my tummy looks like 5months pregnant what will i start to reduce it
Answer: Hi dear, some tips to reduce: 1 Do not skip meals.Eat 5 to 6 small meals a day with healthy snacks in between (rather than 3 larger meals). Choose low-fat dairy products, nuts , veggies over other fatty stuff. 2 Start exercising like walking but in moderation. 3 breastfeeding is a good way to burn calories. 4 have plenty of liquids and stay hydrated. 5 have good sleep.
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Question: My baby girl is 86 days old. Her hair didn't grow. It looks same as like when she was born.pls help me with some natural home remedies.
Answer: hi mama don't need to bother about dead because babies birth have tends to be very smooth and soft and it will be shed very soon.after you shave the baby's head you can see the real growth of her hair at that time you can use egg white coconut milk for the hair growth as it now it would be good if you don't use anything
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