6 months old baby

Question: Good afternoon madam,my son is sixth month running,taking formulae milk,which food is better.

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Answer: Start giving Raggi poridge, Rice , carrot,beetroot,pumpkin,beans ,Make sure All d vegetables should be boiled and mashed and give baby,banana, etc. U can give all kinds of foods except fish,meat,egg .Egg yolk can be given after 9 month
Answer: Start with fruit puree
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Question: Which food I give my son for afternoon now 6 month running
Answer: Hello Dear yu can introduce the new food in breakfast or Lunch. Avoid giving it in a dinner or bedtime. It will help you to check food allergy or discomfort your baby has after having a particular food. Diet chart for 6 months baby Breast milk or formula milk Mashed banana Stewed apple Well steamed and pureed vegetables like carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin , french beans Pulse soup (moong dal ka pani) Rice Water (Chawal ka pani) Homemade single-grain cereals like rice, barley, oats mixed with breastmilk or formula milk Steamed and pureed fruits like pear, avocado, peach, chikoo. You can try the homemade vegetable soup for your baby. .moong dal n white rice khichdi with veggies like Kadu ,carrot, beans, aloo
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Question: Which food better to my baby 6 months running like which nutrition, vitamins food to provide
Answer: Hello dear U can give ur baby: 1. Breast milk or formula 2. Pureed vegetables (sweet potatoes, squash) 3. Pureed fruit (apples, bananas, peaches) 4. Pureed meat (chicken, pork, beef)Semi-liquid, iron-fortified cereal. 5. Small amounts of unsweetened yogurt (no cow's milk until age 1)
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Question: Madam Which type of food is good for baby health ?
Answer: I have fever after taking bath Is it normal in pregnancy ?
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Question: After six mnths.... Shuld i give my son formulae milk?
Answer: N what shuld i give him to eat food?
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