Few days old baby

Question: Giving breastmilk and cow milk for 19dys baby ..for unsuffient breastmilk

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Answer: Hi. Instead of cow milk go for formula milk. Cow's milk doesn't contain enough iron for young babies. Using it as a substitute for breastmilk before your baby turns one will leave your baby short of important nutrients and may lead to anaemia (too little iron in blood).  Infant formula milk contains more iron and vitamins than cow's milk, and is the better alternative to breastfeeding for the first year if needed.  Cow milk is also harder on your baby’s kidneys than breastmilk or formula milk and can lead to milk allergy. If you suspect your baby may have an allergy or intolerance to cow’s milk, speak to your doctor.  After the first six months, breast milk is not a good enough source of iron, so breastfeeding mums should make sure weaning foods contain plenty of iron. This means using foods such as lean red meats, vegetables and puréesof fresh or dried fruit in your baby's diet. 
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Question: I'm giving breastmilk and cow milk also is this right?
Answer: Olden days they used to give cows milk. But if you ur breast milk is sufficient try to feed ur baby. Dont opt for cow milk. If you don't produce enough milk you can eat garlic, drink lots of water, methi, fennel and cumin seeds soaked in water, meat, sesame seeds laddu, and u can drink lots of cow milk. Cows milk only contains calcium and protein. But ur breastmilk contains the antibodies needed to ur baby's immune system to develop. Breast milk prevent ur baby from getting all infections . Feed ur baby until 6 months completely without anything. After 6 months feed ur baby as well as start on with solids.
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Question: my baby is two months old and m giving her cow milk bcoz she is not taking my breastmilk
Answer: If your baby's not able to breastfeed because of latching issues then you can either use nipple shield or a breast pump. You can also go for formula milk. However I'll suggest not to give your child cow's milk as it's heavy. Goat's milk is a substitute but please consult a pediatrician before switching.
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Question: my breastmilk is insufficient for my baby..so can I give her little cow milk?? sab bade kehte hai cow milk baby k liye achhaa rahega.. to kya me breastmilk and cow milk. dono de Sakti Hu?
Answer: Hello! aapko baby ko 1 year se phle se baby ko cow ka milk nahi dena chahiye..cow ka milk heavy hota hai aur ye baby ko jaldi digest nahi hota..aap baby ko formula milk de skte ho.
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