5 months old baby

Question: give pacifier to 5 month baby it is safe

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Answer: Some babies can be soothed with rocking and cuddling and are content to suck only during feedings. Others just can't seem to suckle enough, even when they're not hungry. If your baby still wants to suck after having her fill of formula or breast milk, a pacifier may be just the thing. A pacifier isn't a substitute for nurturing or feeding, of course, but if your baby is still fussy after you've fed, burped, cuddled, rocked, and played with her, you might want to see if a pacifier will satisfy her. but doctors wont suggest for pacifiers unless your kid is fussy....
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Question: Is it safe to give pacifier to 5 months baby
Answer: Hello dear. This is the right time to start if you wish to start a pacifier. As this  is the age when breastfeeding gets established and the baby will not confuse a pacifier to a breast nipple and vice-versa. For 3-6 months you can gp for The First Years GumDrop Orthodontic Pacifier or Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Moda Pacifier and finally fpr 6-12 months chose from Ashtonbee Baby Fruit Feeder Pacifier or Philips Night Time Pacifier. In my suggestion by the time your baby turns 1 yr please avoid using the pacifier after that as it is easier to get you baby out of that habit at this age later it could be very difficult. Hope it helps.
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