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Question: Give me more details about painless labour or epidural?

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Answer: Hello dear Painless delivery known as epidural is given at the time of labor pain so that u can have some reluef for pain. This is good for the women who dont want to have pain and want painless delivery.
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Question: pls give some information about painless delivery.. epidural??
Answer: i will never sugest anyone to try this epidural in normal delivery... as mother is not aware when to push baby and when not to... it can b harmful for both mother and baby .. until ur doctor is very much experienced in that procedure... ol the best have a happy pregnancy
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Question: Is it safe to give epidural anaesthesia tell me the details about epidural anaesthesia in normal delivery
Answer: An epidural is a medical procedure that: 1.  Reduces pain to the mother. 2.  Prevents movement because it leads substantially reduced feeling and  3.  Has some medical risks. It dramatically changes the production of oxytocin which is the hormone causing the uterus to contract and the body's own natural pain killer.  Without adequate contractions, labor is slowed and their is a much greater risk of all complications including a C-section.  There is also a greater risk of other difficulties including complications to the baby because the baby is actually exposed to some drugs although minimal.  One significant risk to the baby includes changes in heart beat indicating distress or lack of oxygen. The female body is designed to have babies.  It is designed to naturally move in ways that support labor.  You move in ways that ease your own pain.  (I walked constantly.) All of these are reasons to make every effort not to have an epidural unless you are exhausted and can no longer cope.  
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Question: want to know about painless delivery (epidural)
Answer: Hello! Epidural is local anesthesia given in the spinal cord to reduce the pain during delivery. It is considered to be last resort if unable to take the pain. But it is always advised to go without epidural. Also talk to doctor for further guidance.
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Question: my doctor said about painless delivery that is epidural anesthesia? in this labour pain less.but I wanna know about it more?
Answer: Epidural helps in relieving the lower body pain i.e. waist down. It is injected in your lower back, you will be monitored throughout for your blood pressure and also the baby’s heart rate will be monitored. It will decrease the sensation but you will be awake to push your baby out with your pain relieved. Also it does not have any negative effects on the newborn. My sister and friends have had deliveries with epidural and they do say the pain was relieved !
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