8 months old baby

Question: Plz give me a diet chart for my 8 months 12 days baby

Answer: Hii dear u can give sweet potato banana apple sauce suji porridge oats porridge rice daal ragi ghee .these are good food in the month of 8th. Don't rush to introduce so many thing. Stay slow. And then add the different variety. Always follow the rule of introducing new food and repeating it for 3 days in a row to check if baby is allergic to that food or not. Also give 3 to 4 times solid food which had to be a mix of cereals fruits vegetables diary products and protein. 
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Question: give me a diet chart for 8 months baby
Answer: By now your baby has tasted most of the things so bits easier to plan his meals. Practice this method- list down all the ingredients that he has tasted and is available with you under categories such as cereals, vegetables, fruits, dairy, complex carbs, fats, proteins etc. Once the list is prepared just pull out 2 3 ingredients to make dinner. You can make khichadi,soup, roasted veggies, pasta, upma, idli, mashed vegetables etc.
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Question: Please give me a diet chart for my 12 months old baby boy
Answer: The appetites of your baby will vary depending on his or her level of activity. The approximate estimation of the quantity of food your baby needs each day would include Up to half a cup of cereal, Up to half a cup of vegetables, Up to half a cup of fruits, Up to 3 tbsp of dairy, Up to half a cup of mixed cereals, and Up to 4 tbsp of meat or other proteins. DIET CHART Dear ur baby's day should always start with the breastmilk or formula milk. After that in breakfast you can give options like healthy cereal, Ragi dosa banana pancake, regular dosa, egg yolk on toast, broken wheat porridge, paneer bhurji sandwitch. Morning snack should be given at 11am and in that you can give Apple, banana, sweet potato wedges, papaya, pear, rusk or biscuits, melon. In Lunch options like curd rice with veges, broken wheat khichdi, chapati with daal or other gravy, rice with fish curry, Idli Sambhar and stuffed paratha can be given. In Dinner options like veges soup with toast, dosa with sambhar, paratha with daal, vegetable pulao with curd, rice and gravy, chapathi with paneer gravy and baked veges with mashed potato. At the end of the day make ur baby sleep with ur breastmilk feed or formula milk feed. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi . my baby 8 months 22 days old. plz suggest a healthy diet chart for her.
Answer: Morning- Wake up and nurse for a few minutes (About 200 ml) Breakfast- 1 cup of puree or any breakfast Mid-morning snack- half a cup of fruit/yoghurt/boiled vegetable Lunch- 1 cup of cereal Nap time Evening snack- breastfeeding or formula milk (about 200ml) dinner- 1 cup of porridge/puree/cereal Night- feed to sleep
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