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Question: Plz give Firstday baby tips

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Answer: First of all make sure to hv d batteries charged in ur camera & video camera to capture the special moments. Keep in mind tat long party where d attention is focused on the birthday child may b overwhelming for him or her.a short time frame is most likely better. Create a photo collage featuring photographs of your youngster throughout his or her first 12 months of life.Use a chalkboard or poster board to display all of your youngster's firsts, from the time he or she got his first tooth to the first words, steps and more. Centrepieces can display photographs of your growing baby as well.buy a creative cake. Your baby will love looking at the cake as much as eating it.decorate ur room with balloons. Finger foods work well for both babies and adults, and eating them won't interrupt play or socializing.Tiny sandwiches with cheese spread (you can cut them into shapes), cubes of mild cheese, cut-up fruit, pasta spirals, and mini yogurts are good options. You can also try animal crackers or graham crackers broken into small pieces. Thanks!! If my ans is helpful plz mark it as helpful.
Answer: Hi, 1st feed of your baby should be breastfeed. Those 1st drops are very much important for the baby. It works like vaccination. Baby ke head ko smooth cloth se tight cover kijiye. Baby ko apne paas hi rakhiye, apne bed pe, warna baby dar jayega. Every 1 hr mein baby ko feed kijiye. Agar breastfeed karvane mein problem hai to doctor suggested milk powder hi use karna. Every 2 hrs ko pamper compulsory change karna. If doctor suggested any drops, baby ko feed karne ke baad hi dena aur 2 different drops ke bich 5-10 minutes ke gap dena.
Answer: Hi ..congrates !! wrape the baby properly in blanket since outer temperature lower than inside your womb and feed him within two hours of birth becoz first milk or colostrum is very important for baby and keep him close to you. keep a note of baby pee and potty doctor will ask you about it you will be visited by many friends and relatives make sure they dont kiss the baby and asked to use sanitizer before they touch.
Answer: Breast feeding is best n after every feed .. Burping is must
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Question: Plz give some tips for baby boy skin
Answer: Hello The baby s skin is very delicate. The lotions soaps or shampoo that you use should be 5.5ph friendly as this is the ph of ur babies skin. If u use lotions that do not cater to oh balence dis they can rashes dryness etc. Try seba med it is one of the best brands available that has less chemicals and no fragrance. You should use baby friendly and mild detergent to wash baby s clothes or other things that will come in contact with your baby. This can cause skin reaction or allergy.
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Question: Plz give some Normal delivery tips
Answer: Hello! Here are some simple and easy tips that can help you have a safe normal delivery. They also help you glide through the labor pain and discomfort with ease. Regular exercises: Doing mild exercises throughout pregnancy can help you build not only good stamina but also keep you active during this span. Kegels are particularly helpful. The strong thigh muscles are helpful in combating the stress of labor pains. Pelvic stretches and tilts, deep squats, aquatic pregnancy exercises can open your hips and make your pelvic muscles stronger to enable you to have a normal delivery. Keep in mind to exercise under the supervision of an expert as wrongly done exercises can do harm to you and your baby. Refrain from stress: Stay away from stress, anxiety and too much contemplation.  Read good books about parenting and be in the company of good, friendly people. Steer yourself clear from situations and people that make you anxious or cause you discomfort. Practise right breathing techniques: Breathing exercises are very important as during the process of delivery you need to hold breath from time to time. Proper and sufficient oxygen supply is mandatory for enhancing growth of the baby. So, practice meditation and deep breathing exercises regularly. This way you will inch a step closer to having a normal delivery. Refrain from hearing horror birth stories: Avoid hearing negative stories from women who already had babies is very important. Stay away from hear say and negative conversations. Watch your diet: Eat properly and eat rightly. Nutrition is important not only for your health but also for the health and development of your baby. Drink a lot of water and eat a lot of green fresh vegetables and fruits. Where fruits and vegetables will nourish your body with essential nutrients, water will keep you hydrated and cool.  Gaining just the recommended weight during pregnancy weight during pregnancy can pave the way for a normal delivery Get prenatal and birthing information: Educate yourself well about the process of delivery and labor. Get information on natural pain management techniques like breathing, relaxation and other natural labor management coping techniques. Spend early labor at home: Labor is real hard work, and early labor is the beginning of an intense, exhausting process. Early labor can be long – especially for first time mothers, and if you drop to a hospital too soon, you will likely be sent back. Spend this time at home, relaxing your body and mind, and resting as much as you can. Consult a good doctor: Consult a good obstetrician and get your antenatal check-ups done regularly and routinely. Seek out someone who is into natural birth, avoid those whose C-section or epidural cases are higher. If you feel she is not responding you well, do not hesitate to find another cooperative doctor. Regular perineal massages: You need to have regular perineal massages done after the seventh month of pregnancy. It reduces stress, helps an expectant mother tackle labor efficiently and mitigates joint pains and muscular tensions Adequate sleep and water: Sound and undisturbed sleep is essential for promoting proper growth and development of the baby. Keep the room dimly lit and noise-free to have a sound sleep. Avoid drinking tea or coffee two hours before going to bed in order to have uninterrupted sleep. Also, make sure you are drinking adequate water so as to prevent urinary tract infections which pregnant women are prone to. Water will also help prevent dehydration, and help with edema during pregnancy Take care
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Question: Plz give Tips for normal delivery..
Answer: Hi. Try below things. Have Dates Studies have shown that having dates is beneficial towards having an easier and faster labour experience.  Do Squats Daily Squats is the most beneficial exercise for every woman looking forward to delivery close to their due date. Only if you do t have any complocation and your do tor allows. Practice Breathing Techniques Labour is an extremely painful experience for any woman. Breathing helps the woman in labour to adapt to the pain better and also helps in relaxing her. Take Walks Along with squats, walking is a great exercise for a woman in the later stages of pregnancy to help her to have an easy delivery. Consume Vitamin-Rich Foods Vitamins like A, B, C and E are vital to maintain hormonal balance in the later stages of pregnancy as well as to tone the uterus to have a speedy normal delivery with little to no medical interventions. 
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