Question: Cerlac Ghar ka kese banate h 6 manth k bacho ka

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Answer: Hello! Here is a recipe for you. 1 cup rice 1 cup moong dal(washed green gram) Recipe Wash rice and moong dal separately. Once they have dried a bit, roast them separately in a heavy-bottomed pan. Once cool, mix them and grind together in a mixer to a fine powder. When you want to use this, take couple of spoons in a bowl and pour boiling hot water. Cover for 5 minutes and khichdi is ready. You can make it tastier by adding some roasted cumin and asafoetida to the mixes. You can also add some vegetable or fruit puree to this mix. You may also top this homemade baby cerelac with a little homemade ghee to prepare the instant gourmet meal for your baby. Please avoid any sugar or salt for babies below 12 months.
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    Sweety Roy723 days ago

    bache ko kaha namak aur sakkar ka taste pata hain. Aur usme kidney effect ho sakta hain.

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Question: Baby k liye ghar me kajal kaise banate he
Answer: INGREDIENTS 2 tablespoons sandalwood powder Small piece of muslin cloth ghee 3-4 almonds/ badam fork spoon Match stick Diya/ small clay lamp METHOD To begin with, add a little water to the sandalwood powder and make a paste. Dip the muslin cloth in it and let it dry out in the sun. Roll the dried cloth to make the wick / bati. Place the prepared wick in the diya and add ghee to it. Light the lamp. Push a fork through the almond. Hold the fork such that almond is right above the flame. Hold the spoon just a centimeter above the almond. The flame will burn the almond and the soot will get collected in the spoon. This soot is Kajal. Another method is to place an inverted plate over two glasses. Light the lamp below the plate and burn the almond. Scrape the soot and collect it a small box. Dip your finger slightly in ghee and apply the kajal.
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Question: hello ragi ka seera nashni kese banate h plZ batatye or wo bacho ko kis time p khilao m din m ya rat m
Answer: Anytime de sakte hai Ragi aata Ko ghee me sek lo sometime then add water for puree consistency u can add milk too Then cool n feed d baby.. Salts n sugars shld be avoided till age 1 yr. But if u wish to add u can but very less in quantity
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Question: Dal ka pani,rice ka pani kese banate he
Answer: boil dal in cooker take out water's upar layer .... same way rice..
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