24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Getting more sleep afternoon it is better

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Answer: Yes dear, rising progesterone levels may partly explain excessive daytime sleepiness, especially in the first trimester. ... Several sleep disorders can be caused or made worse by pregnancy. After delivery you will feel better, so feeling sleepy is not a big deal.
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Question: I am not getting sleep in afternoon time is it effects on baby
Answer: Insomnia or lack of proper sleep is the most common symptoms in pregnancy and can happens in any trimester. Though it’s not harmful for you neither for the baby but good sleep is needed for healthy body. You can try for, 1. Have a habit of doing meditation and yoga. 2. Warm water bath before bed. 3. Drink Warm milk before bed . 4. Have some fenugreek seeds. 5. Chamomile tea once a day 6. Eat bananas regularly 7. Avoid caffeine 8. Reduce stress in life and stay happy
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Question: Sleeping in afternoon is better
Answer: Hello... Yes, you can sleep in afternoon, but don't sleep more than one hour, because it will affect night sleep
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Question: Is it good to sleep in afternoon...
Answer: yes dear. You need good rest so it is good to sleep in the afternoon as well
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