2 months old baby

Question: Gave my baby painless vaccines at 6 weeks, is it okay do they work properly or are pain full vaccines better than them

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Answer: Ya it's ok.. don't worry. Painless vaccines also work .
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Question: 6 weeks old baby. Which kind of vaccination is better painless or painful. And which vaccines are compulsary. Please suggest
Answer: Hi....now every vaccines are painless...after vaccine baby LL av slight fever for 1day o 2 den baby LL be fine...so Painless o painful doesn't matter...now doctor prescribed vaccine s must an good for babies growth an immunity..hope I helped yo
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Question: Painless or pain vaccines which one is better??
Answer: Hi there is nothing called painless vaccination and painful vaccination.this is only seen in the cases of DTP vaccination, in which the new version of vaccine which is supposed to show lesser incidence of fever, lesser fever cause lesser crying and the lesser crying is due to less pain and hence the "painless vaccine " concept.
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Question: Hi we have used painless vaccination at 6 weeks for our baby... Are they ad effective as painful. One
Answer: See foreign vaccines are painless as said by the doctor but when u vaccinate a baby it's too young to bear the pain of it, little pain occurs, as compared to local vaccines and baby gets a little fever too but don't worry,it doesn't last for few hours in painless vaccination whereas in the local ones it last for 2-3 days, but one thing to keep in mind is that u should definitely give ice compress in that area and medicine as prescribed by the doctor SOS, hope it was helt
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