11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Muze gases ki problem Ho rhi he😓

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Answer: Hi Gas is a common problem during  pregnancy as the digestive system takes a back seat during this phase Increase your fluid intake have 16-20 glasses of water a day Chewing ajwain would help you with bloated and indigestion Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight and have that water in the morning it would help you with gas troubles Go for any form of physical activity Add a daily walk for 30 min in your routine or sign up for pregnancy yoga it would help you speed up digestion Eliminate gas triggers from your diet like cabbage,potato , broccoli, eggplant,wheat sprouts etc High fiber food in your diet help you ease gas concern fruits such as prunes,figs,banana or vegetables as well as whole grains such as oats and flax meal are fiber booster If you can't much on fiber ask your gynaclogist for a fiber supplements If you suffer painful constipation ask your doctor for stool softeners
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Question: Gases ki problem ho rhi hy
Answer: Gas ki problem common hai pregnancy mein..aap khana kam aur baar baar lo..paani jyada se jyada piyo..thodi physical activity gas paas karne k liye kaafi helpful rhti hai..khane mein fiber rich food jyada lo..in sabhi tips se aapko gas mein relief milega.
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Question: Muze kalse loose motion ki problem ho rahi he iske liye kuch ellaj bataiye plz
Answer: Changes in harmone levels cause loose motion dear.. Do not worry.. Keep your self well hydrated.. Eat very light food.. Avoid spicy oily food.. Eat small meals dear. Take plenty of rest.. You can make promogranate peel khada it prevent loose motion.. If it is serious consult doctor
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Question: M 6th months pregnent hu or muze discharge ki problem ho rhi h kya y normel h
Answer: White discharge ho to koi problem nahi. Koi aur color ka ho to doc ko jaroor dikhaiye
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