Question: hlo g.. my doc recommend me to eat folic acid tablet through out the it ok...

2 Answers
Answer: hanji I am also continue with folic acid tablet
Answer: yes mujhe bhi doctor ne yahi suggest kiya hai
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Question: Is it compulsory to take folic acid , iron, calcium tablet through out the pregnancy?
Answer: S compulsory to take iron, calcium and folic acid tablets to avoid birth defects
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Question: folic acid tablet passes through stool as it is... is it ok?
Answer: hello dear no its not ok.. folic acid is very important in your pregnancy... so drink more water after taking tablet...your tablet should dissolve in your body.. also if it is same then you need to consult your doctor...
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Question: My wife is 7 weeks pregnant.. but the doctor is not recommend the folic acid... Is it ok..?
Answer: Hi desr sometimes doctor don't advise as they think medicine can do but it is always advisable to get it to avoid any problem in future. Do discuss dis and ask ur doctor not to advising u
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Question: Fifth week doc suggest me folic acid and dupaston tablet both for night it ok or shall i take folic acid in morniy
Answer: Folic acid should be take in morning only
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