22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Fundic bubble not seen during my 2nd level ultrasound in 20 week doctor asked for another ultrasound after 10 days please suggest??

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Answer: Hi Dear! fundic bubble is so nothing but the amniotic fluid in which the baby lies and baby also drinks some of the amniotic fluid so with the fluid, the Kidneys are shown that the Kidneys got those amniotic fluid also the urine is passing clearly so it can happen either because of the position of the baby or the baby does not have much amniotic fluid during the scan to pick up hence your doctor has asked you to go after few weeks please go it is fine and there is nothing to be worried about.. Hope this helps!
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Question: stomach bubble not seen in 17.6 week level 2 ultrasound.Anyone has faced problem like this?
Answer: Please don't worry and let me know about the amniotic fluid index It is mostly seen in the cases of oligohydramnios that is the low amniotic fluid And if it is the only abnormality observed during anomaly scan then no poor outcome should be expected please correlate your results with NT scan double marker or triple marker screen test And please repeat the scan after one week to see the status
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Question: Hi I am 37 years... According to LMP I am 7 weeks around pregnant but today my tvs ultrasound done also internal ultrasound only gsac no baby seen and doc said according to ultrasound it's 5 week n 3 days pregnant but 7 week... Doc asked me to continue with medicines n after 10 days HCG beta test which (is good right now ) will repeat n another ultrasound after 15-20 days. So I believe all wud be OK or suggest plz. Thanks
Answer: Hello, Dear there can be 2 week difference between ultrasound and your LMP date because we count LMP from the last period date but ultrasound pick date from the day of conception which is usually 2 weeks later of date. So don't worry its completely normal. You continue the medicine as suggested by doctor and rescan as scheduled by doctor. Hopefully everything will be fine by then . You can chat with other mom's in the app and know there experience and can share yours. That is quite helpful...
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Question: Hi..my doctor asked for nuchal test but not for double Marker test in next two weeks. M 10 week
Answer: Nothing to worry about it. Few doctors would ask to take nt test and only if the readings are abnormal they may ask to take double marker test
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