6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Full vomiting sensation...cant able to have anything..pls suggest me

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Answer: Have more liquid diet because this symptom will mostly disappear after 13th week to 15th week of pregnancy and if it is unbearable you can consult doctor she will give a tablet to feel better Hope this is helpful and congratulations future mumma
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Question: Vomiting is not being stopped. Have done more then 10 times since evening. And I am also not able to eat anything
Answer: Vomiting is common during first trimester, eat something light like biscuit after vomiting. Eat small amounts of food from time to time.
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Question: Have severe throat pain..plz provide some remedy am not able to swallow anything
Answer: Hi dear,try to gargle with warm salt water,3 times a day,and start ur day with that.it ll reduce very fast
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Question: Itching on full body, wasn't able to sleep whole night, pls suggest remedy.
Answer: Apply pure coconut oil throughout body before bathing. Be careful when u apply oil.
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