27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: From yesterday I m felling very uneasy..vomiting sensation all the time and tummy is getting tight..

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Question: My baby is tears from eyes can I know the reason and what is the solution
Answer: Your baby's tear duct may not have fully developed yet. This can cause her eye to be very watery.Babies are often born with a duct that is not fully open, so the tears are unable to drain away....just massage ur baby eyes daily...it really helps
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Question: Whenever I start burping after feeding my baby vomiting all the milk... why this is happening and what to do for it???
Answer: if the spit out is like curd then it means everything is fine milk is digested but if milk is as same as baby takes then it is due to overfeeding as babies stomach is very small,just after every feeding let her burp properly
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Question: Hi all, after taking food, after drinking water my tummy getting tight and I can't take breath( it's very horrible to be) it is happening to me from last 2 days why it's happening pls tell .
Answer: Same condition with me. Today I consult to doctor. She told me it is sign of labour pain and give me 25th November date to admit to the hospital for delivery. Dear you must go to the doctor for check up.
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