11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: From which week i can start practising yoga?

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Question: from which week i can start doing yoga?
Answer: The perfect time would be after one week. you can start with normal stretching and yoga exercises such as tadasan, kagasan, pawanmuktasana you can do meditation--- bhramri Pranayam /anulom vilom and butterfly position /Surya Namaskar poses 12 4 9. do not over stress your body with the exercises and refrain from doing aasanas suggest dhanurasan/ matsyasana /chakrasan which will pressurize your abdomen. go slow initially you can opt for walking slight workout would be good to warm up your body and then you can perform yoga exercises . You can also enroll in prenatal yoga classes that are specially designed for pregnant ladies . eat your supplements properly. take care
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Question: Hi. I am 14 week pregnant. And wish to start doing yoga. From which week i can start doing yoga?
Answer: Hi You can start yoga at anytime during pregnancy and continue till the time you deliver the baby. Ensure that you do only prenatal yoga that too under guidance and supervision of a yoga teacher. Hope this helps.
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Question: From which trimester or week i can start yoga?
Answer: Hi dear u can do yoga from the very first trimester of ur pregnancy but u need to confirm it from. The doctor and have to do exercise under expert supervision.
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