4 weeks pregnant mother

Question: From which month of pregnency should start the exercise??

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Answer: Initial 3 months are very crucial so don't try to do any kind of exercise without your doctor concern and even after completion of first three months if your doctor allow then only you can do exercise. If there is no bleeding spotting or pain then you can go for walking 30 to 45 minutes daily & also deep breathing exercises and meditation are good to practice.
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Question: From which week should we start using stretch marks cream? N which is the best available cream?
Answer: Congratulations fir pregnancy dear whether u dont have stretch marks then also start using bio oil from.10 11 weeks Bio oil s safe during pregnancy . as well as after pregnancy..too.. it helps in stretch marks... Bio oil prevent the formation of stretch marks ..it also provides a comprehensive skin care solution for use throught out pregnancy..
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Question: What is tummy time from which month we should start it
Answer: When the beast in a specific time in a day on their tummy that is belly touching the base its call the tummy time. spending time on earth Ami standing babies back as well as help babies need to become stable. You can practice tummy time from 3 months onwards.
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Question: From which month should I start eating kesar
Answer: You can start kesar milk after 4 month. At this time your Vomit will gonna stop. You should take this milk before sleep
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