7 months old baby

Question: from which month I can give my little one dahliya

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Answer: Ideal period is aftr 6 months bt i startd giving daliya to my son since 5th month n all is ok with him... its nothing like v should start giving solids only aftr 6 months
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Question: which biscuits I can give to my little one
Answer: No dear please don't give biscuits to your baby as my elder sister did the same mistake and after sometime she noticed my nephew always used to refuse food and had become really thin,the only thing he liked was biscuits so she used to feel at least he is eating something and continued giving it but when she found that baby's weight is not growing nor his appetite and he is always coughing a lot.....so she decided to take him to a paediatrician and he immediately said is your son eating a lot of biscuits ??? she replied yes,then he showed her this article. #1. Empty Calories: Seen the advertisements where in the brands claim for the low fat biscuits ensuring the flattest of tummy you have ever seen in your lifetime? Please don’t fall into this trap. Biscuits do not contain anything nutritious for adults, so how can it ensure anything good for babies? In short biscuits are considered like ’empty calorie’ foods much like colas and soft drinks. #2. Maida: Wheat, soya, multi grain, mixed cereal heard of all the combination of biscuits available isn’t ? No matter the no: of ingredients added, the main ingredient comes to one – MAIDA ! Maida known as white flour or all purpose flour is the waste product of wheat where in it is refined to an extend it is polished off all the nutrients and goodness. Maida takes a longer time to digest giving a lot of work to our intestines, so imagine the tiny intestines which has to put in a lot of work to digest the unwanted maida ! #3. Preservatives & Additives: All processed foods have preservatives and additives in it. So do biscuits!! Usually margarine which is similar to butter is added in biscuits to increase the taste and flavor. In addition to it preservatives are added so that the biscuits are not spoiled. #4. High Sugar Content: You know why we and babies get addicted to biscuits in general? The high sugar content in the biscuits please us and make us crave for more. That’s why we just cant stop at 1 or 2 🙁 #5. Transfat: You might have heard of low fat, low calorie biscuits .. so can you give them to babies ? Nooo never on a daily basis. All biscuits and processed foods have transfat which helps to retain the shape, taste and texture in them. Even though its written ZERO transfat on the biscuit wrapper, it do contain a certain amount of transfat which is not beneficial for us or even babies! #6. Constipation: Do you know biscuits can even cause constipation in babies? Yes usually the biscuits are free of any nutrition or fibre which causes constipation in babies and adults. #7. Allergies: Usually the biscuits are made of wheat and soy. Both are allergenic, which might cause rashes. #8. Fillers: You know why you feel full after eating some biscuits? It is loaded with fillers which actually make you full with empty calories and additives. So we don’t feel hungry for long. When biscuits are given to babies and toddlers, it easily fills up the little tummies and they go fussy about foods demanding for the same biscuits again.
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Question: Can i give egg to my one little one if yes then which portion of it
Answer: Hello The whole egg can be given as he s one. You can make him caramel pudding. It's the best way to make babies eat whole egg as it's super easy to make n tastes just as great. 4 eggs Half litre milk Vanilla 2 tsp Sugar a cup Mix all the ingredients in a mixer for abt 2 mins Heat 2 tbs sugar in a pan until golden brown. Add it to a baking dish Heat a cooker with some water place this baking dish inside Close the cooker remove it's whistle Let it cook for 15 mins Chill in the refrigerator for 2 hours n serve U can keep dis in the microwave for 15 secs so the baby will not catch a cold or sore throat due to the cold dish.
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Question: My baby is one month old from which month i can give water to drink
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. When your baby is 4-6 month old a few sips of water a couple of times a day (no more than 2 ounces per 24 hours). Once baby starts solids, you can give a few sips of water with solids some babies need this to prevent constipation. Not before this. Take care.
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