4 months old baby

Question: From which month cow milk can be started ?

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Answer: Hi dear, you should not give cow milk to your baby before 1 year. # cow milk does not contain all nutrients which your baby require#baby's digestive system is not fully developed so it is hard for baby to digest cow milk # it can make your baby iron deficient
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Question: From which month saffron can be started
Answer: Hello You can start now. Saffron with milk is very good during pregnancy as it helps regulate blood pressure. It helps in digestion and supplies blood uniformly to all parts of the body.it also helps in controlling ur mood swings. It helps reduce gastritus. It helps reduce cold symptoms. It's an anti depressants and Elevates your mood and controls emotional stess. You can start using saffron form the time u r pregnant. Do not over use saffron as it can cause contractions.
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Question: from which month intercourse can be started..
Answer: Hi dear, if you have normal pregnancy without any complications like low lying placenta then you can have sex in second trimester that is 4,5,6 months of pregnancy. Choose your comfortable position that doesn't have your stomach and use condom to avoid in chances of sexually transmitted disease. Don't do sex on regular basis in pregnancy and be very gentle as rough sex can cause vaginal bleeding, pelvic cramps and extreme cases miscarriage. Hope it helps.
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Question: From which month cow milk can be given to baby
Answer: Hello dear, if your baby is breastfeeding then you can start giving cow milk after six months. But if you are giving exclusively formula feed then you can start gradually after 3 months. But before starting you should ask your padeatric to the proportion of cow milk & amount too. Remember one thing cow milk is thicker than mother's milk and it can cause gas, acidity and stomach upset in your baby.
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