9 months old baby

Question: From when I will give goat meet to my baby?

1 Answers
Answer: Congratulations for motherhood dear after 1 year completed u can start giving non veg to baby .present time only chiken soup nd egg yolk s safe 4 u .try it dear .
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Question: When can I give mutton soup to my baby
Answer: After 8months u can give but avoid salt and give little bit
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Question: When I can give cowmilk to my 5 month baby??
Answer: Dear it is better to give cow milk at 9 to 12 months of age once baby is eating a variety of iron rich foods atleast twice a day. And the babys digestive tract does not develop fully until 1 year of Age.if you give before 9 months there will be difficult for infants to digest and increased risk for developing anemia or iron deficiency problems.take care
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Question: When will i start to feel my baby movements
Answer: Around 23 24 weeks..
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