18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: from three days I have lot of pain in lower part of abdomen. is it normal. and also I have sharp pain at right side of the same.

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Answer: Some pain is normal due to increasing uterus but if it's unbearable for you , contact your gynaecologist
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Question: I have little pain in the right side of upper abdomen part. Is it normal
Answer: yes dear it's totally normal. now you are just 6 week pregnant. so chances are there that you might have implantation cramping.
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Question: Little pain in lower abdomen from 2 days, is it normal? Also in night, while changing the side sharp pain in lower abdomen. Is it normal?
Answer: S its normal oly. Abdomen carries full weight so its paining. . no need to worry dear. Drink more water,apply oil..
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Question: I am feeling sharp pain at right side of lower abdomen.. what is the reason
Answer: If every time pain is their than go to the doctor.and if pain is sometimes then it's ok.
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