10 months old baby

Question: From yesday nyt my bby body has heat fever wat to do

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Answer: Hi mom,  baby getting sick is a nightmare for moms and sooner or later baby will get some diseases so it's better to be strong to handle it. Here are some methods which worked for me you can also try: Place a cool, damp washcloth on your child's forehead while she rests. Give your child a lukewarm tub bath or a sponge bath. Use a fan. Again, you don't want your child to be chilled. Keep the fan at a low setting and have it circulate the air around her rather than blow directly on her. Remove layers of clothing so your child can lose heat more easily through her skin. Dress her in one light layer. If she's shivering, give her a light blanket until she's warm again. Stay indoors in a cool place. Or, if you're outside, stay in the shade.
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    sangita salunkhe858 days ago

    Thnk u so much

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Answer: Hello dear... To reduce body heat, follow these steps it might be helpful for you... Drink buttermilk,tender coconut in empty stomach for better results Drink atleast two litres a day,you can keep bottle,and drink little throughout the day,might help Take oil bath ,two days a week Drink fenugreek water will also good,include veggies like cucumber, pumpkin raddish will be effective You can also apply castor oil in tummy will be more useful in reliving heat Drink muskmelon juice,it will give you better releif
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Answer: Its normal to to have a normal heating in body, but if Its too much than go to a child specialist doctor.
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Answer: feed a lot of liquids. Keep area clean and dry. apply coconut oil lightly
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