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Question: From morning 4.30 l got pain in adominal and back side for ever 10 min.. is it labour pain.. I can't able to sleep or sit.. plzz reply me

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Answer: highest in this is a sign of labour it is advisable to consult a Doctor do not worry do breathing exercises that will help you
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Question: Hi I am 24 weeks pregnant have back pain in left side ND also left side of stomach can't able to sit or sleep plz give some remedy
Answer: Hello! This is common due to the stretching of the muscles and ligaments due to the growing uterus. For immediate relief apply hot water bottle wrapped in a towel, sleep on sides. You can take help of some pillows also too sleep comfortably. Also along with this make sure you drink plenty of water and go for brisk walk on daily basis. Take care
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Question: Am suffering from butties pain I can't able to sleep and walk n sit it's painful for me.. Any suggestions for reducing pain
Answer: Hello dear Its due to pregnancy hormones. Hip pain is caused because of the ligaments are loosening now, which holds sacroiliac joints, which connects your spin to the pelvis. While thia jointa and ligaments relaxation helps with birthing process it can cause pain im your hipa, lower back and legs as well. Warm compress the area will give u relief from pain.
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Question: M 9 month pregnant my edd is 20 July..from yesterday morning pain started in lower back region..its aggregate on every 10-15 min for 1 min...its very painful...what to do?? Its labour pain or what
Answer: Gone yesterday..doc checked internally she said abhi ek week lgega
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