26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: from morning i m feeling less movement

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Answer: don't worry so much u may feel less movements sometimes bcoz doc. said that sometimes baby may sleep for hours....and if sometime if u r worried about the movements then have something in meal...immediately after meal lie down on bed on ur left side and try to feel the movements.....and if u think something serious then consult ur doc. immediately
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Question: Feeling less movement from morning..... M worried
Answer: Hi dear theres nothing to worry. As the he baby's growth increases the moving space reduces and so the movement is less. Also the baby won't be active all the time. When the baby is in active movements will less.Have food or sweets lie on the left side you will feel movements. Also. Drink warm water iamd lie on the left side you will feel movements. If you dont have movements for one whole day then you must consult doctor.
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Question: Helow feeling less movement from morning
Answer: Hello dear this might happen once a while if there is lack of physicl activity. You can drink hot tea or milk sit on a silent place sure you can feel the movement dear. Do more walking and also exercises dear.
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Question: feeling very less movement from morning.... worried about it
Answer: Sit quietly and take some sugar. After than drink a glass of water Wait for 15 to 20 mins quitely and try feel if you are noticing any movement. If still you feels there is no such movement then immediately consult doctor.
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Question: From yesterday m feeling less movement. What should I do?
Answer: It is normal for baby movement to decrease gradually as pregnancy progresses and especially in last trimester when the weight of baby has increased and there is not much space in uterus to move. Try taking some chilled fruit juice and lie down after that for an hour or so, youshould feel baby move. If still in doubt, visit your gynae and get a Non-Stress test performed to check heart beat of the baby.
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