30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: From morning i am not feeling baby movements is it everything ok

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Answer: Hello dear. A reduction in a baby’s movements can sometimes be an important warning sign that a baby is unwell. If you don't feel the constant movements for more than 24 hours, please contact your gynecologist immediately. All the best.
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Question: am 6months pregnant today am feeling more baby movements from morning is it ok
Answer: Hello Yes it's very normal. Now your baby is of optimum weight so you will feel him often Like us babies also have lazy and active days. So don't worry if you don't feel ur baby much on some days. It's normal.
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Question: I am not feeling much movements..some times only I feel. but from yesterday there is no movements is it everything Ok
Answer: Hi when you feel so like there is no movement please keep a warm napkin for some time on the tummy or massage with lukewarm oil you will start seeing movements. Hope it's helpful it's my personal experience i have done that.
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Question: From today morning im feeling low kick movements is it ok
Answer: Hi dear, it's ok if you are getting less movement of you baby. With in tummy baby sometimes moves a lot and sometimes just doesn't move at all. Though you are thinking that baby is not moving but the movement is slow that's why you can't feel it. Don't worry keep noticing whether your baby is moving or not throughout the day. If your baby doesn't move for the entire day then you need to consult your doctor. don't worry dear ,take care.
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