21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: From few days my throat is burning a lot. What should I do to stop it?

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Answer: have cold milkwith some sugar cube ( sakar) don't eat sipecy food eat banana
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Question: Heavily burning in my throat what should i do
Answer: hi burning in the throat the reason can be due to climatic changes however you can do this in salt water gargling two to three times in a day take Ginger Honey paste one teaspoon two times a day you can also take ginger and Tulsi leaves tea which will give you help in throat pain you should warm the coconut oil add A Pinch of turmeric 28 and massage with it on the truth this will help to give you relief
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Question: There is too much burning sensation in my throat..since 3 days...what should i do
Answer: Please drink water boiled with mint leaves and cooled down before every meal dear...this will help reduce the burning sensation in the throat and chest...
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Question: Hi...I am having a lot of burning in the throat...what should I do?
Answer: It's very normal in pregnancy dear don't worry I do used to have throat pain in my pregnancy but gargling with salt water help me in getting relieve
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