26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Frequent urination at night.why

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Answer: Hi, What makes you need to pee more is often the increased amount of blood in your body. To process this blood flow, your kidneys need to produce extra fluids, which then end up in your bladder. Although peeing often during pregnancy is annoying, it's also a normal and common pregnancysymptom. Increased urinary frequency is an early symptom of pregnancy in women. It's caused by an increase of the hormones progesterone and human chorionic gonadotropin. ... The amount of urine you release will increase as well. As you are entering the third trimester, your baby's growing size means they're pressing even more on your bladder. As a result, you may have to wake up several times during the night to urinate. You also may experience increased urgency to urinate due to the added pressure. At night time, keep your liquid input low, so you can sleep well! Hope it helped! 🙂
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Question: Not able to sleep due to frequent urination at night
Answer: Hmm it's common dear, i too wake up 4-5 times night Disturbed sleep s also 1 of common effect in pregnancy. Just bear with it yar, but even though take proper rest nd try to take nap afternoon also . After 13 or 14th week, most such problems solved automatically nd now I wake up only 1-2 times. Hope this ll also happen with u
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Question: Frequent urination more at night , anyone facing this??
Answer: Many of my friends and cousins did face.. So this is actually common in pregnancy.. Don't worry.. Try doing meditation and keep your thoughts away and think positive and good memories this will help.
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Question: I have frequent urination problem at night... what to do?
Answer: Try to reduce the intake of liquids from late evening but frequent urination is common in pregnancy
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