13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: free beta HCG is 10.3 at 11 weeks however Im under low risk for Trisomy 21 .

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Question: Hello doctor, In my double marker test, Trisomy T21 ratio is 1:493. But in the interpretation, its given low risk at delivery. Should i go for further test?
Answer: U pra ratio is low which indicate moderate chances of chromosomal abnormality....if your interest and report is normal then nothing to worry about but if doctor suggested to take advance test then you should go for that.
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Question: Hello doctor, in my double marker test, free beta hcg shows the reading as 96.89miU/ml. Tested at 12th week. Scan shows low placenta at 13th week. Baby growth is good. Could see legs, nasal bone, skull, back etc. Is there anything to worry about low beta hcg in my case?
Answer: Well if baby growth is fone ,not to worry .well usually the beta hcg decreases with second trimester .low lying placenta needs lot of bed rest now.it coudl.move up on its own till then only bed rest
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Question: What is the meaning of risk for trisomy, background risk from history + age 1 in 90, risk adjusted with NT +FHR 1 in 714 .
Answer: Dear, it means there a mild risk of chromosomal abnormalities due to age. Better to get triple or quadruple marker test, it is a blood test administered in pregnancy, typically between the 15th to 20th week of pregnancy.it is prenatal test that measure the levels of AFP, beta hcg and Estrogen. It usually advised in maternal age more than 35, abnormal double marker test or previous history of abnormal babies.take care and all the best
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