20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: fr me colostrum has strtd to leak n my hubby and its sour in taste. is dat a prob..? coz i saw in google dat its sweet in taste. m worried if lo won feed wid me if it tastes so.. pl suggest..

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Answer: sorry i cant say anything as i never tasted it and whatever is secreted is just the body creation you cant add taste to it. dont worry dear its absolutely normal dont taste or judge anything .
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Question: hi need a suggestion from a Dr.! m 5mnths preg nw n fr me colostrum had strtd to leak. my hubby says its sour sometyms n bitter sometimes. is it normal..? coz i saw in google dat its sweet in taste. i fear if my lo will suffer or if he/dhe won hav my bm.. dis is disturbng me badly. pl suggest.
Answer: sorry i cant say anything as i never tasted it and whatever is secreted is just the body creation you cant add taste to it. dont worry dear its completely normal. mostly women start colostrum before baby birth and some after baby birth.
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Question: Hi dr pl suggest....my bp is going high ...m tking medicine as prescribed by dr...lst mon in morning i feel like something is going down nd fluid discharge wid some amount she suggested mee fr ultrasound its was normal bt nw im in complete bedrest...lst Friday i hd acidity prob wid dehydration nd bitter taste ..so i consult to dr she gave me medicine to stomach is oky bt I'm observeing chest pain....is it oky something to b worried
Answer: Dear everything is normal and common during pregnancy. Moreover if medicine are working fine then dont stress and just relax and take medicine on time and you will be fine..
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Question: How do v find if the baby has loose motions..45 days old baby...my baby keeps passing loose stools evry minute sometimes in drops sometimes more..sometimes aft feed..but wen i consulted doctor they said its normal.. but i dont understnd y is he goin motion lik ths every minute ..one dress i change again he goes fr motion ths is the routine thing goin oast few days..really worried..pls tel me.someone
Answer: dont worry my baby did same few dys back...same was with my baby...he did loosemotions for around 25dys the same way...n doc said me same..one doc told me to get my son admitted...later everyone told me its normal till 3months with some baby...so dont worry..ur baby will be fine soon...my baby got well in a month...its very normal...n it will stop naturally...coz i did many medicine n none worked...so dont worry n unnecessarily dont put any medicine to your child...i hav gone all thru..so suggesting u same
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Question: Hello dears.. my little one is nt latching right side frm dus morning..!!! I dono wts wrong vth her... I tried to feed her in sleeping position, sitting position everything.. bt its nt working... She refuses to drink in bottle also... She s completely in BM.. if nipple touches,she makes faces n crying loudly...!! If i express in bottle also she wont drink coz she can make out d nipple difference.. Wt could be d reason can anyone help me out fr dis issue..!!
Answer: Hi Breast refusal is stressful, but it is almost always possible to overcome it and return to breastfeeding. It could also be a nursing strike which usually lasts two to four days. Spend time touching and in skin-to-skin contact. When not feeding, hold baby with his bare torso against your skin, and stay that way as much as possible. This is soothing to both of you, and the hormones released make baby more open to breastfeeding. Try feeding in different positions, side lying position may help. You can dream feed the baby. More power to you mumma 😊 It's just a phase.
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