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Question: formula for 2 month baby

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Answer: I prefer nan pro as it is a more highly engineered formula to make it similar to mothers milk in terms of the whey and casein protein balance. It also has probiotics to help settle tummy. If a simple question is asked as to which is better, it's clearly Nan, if similarity to mothers milk is the benchmark. However lactogen is cheaper so if lactogen better fits with a family's finances or suits baby better in anyway then it's ok.
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Question: Which formula milk is good for 2 month old baby.
Answer: Please don't give any formula milk give ur milk itself because If ur baby gets used to bottle than baby will not drink milk from ur breast if milk is not sufficient than have Lots of water Fenugreek Oatmeal Cummins and pepper Shatavari milk powder Garlic Dill leaves Try there for atleast 1 week u will notice the difference and even if u not having any improvement than please contact ur doctor for Lactogen 1.
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Question: Which formula milk is best for my 2 month baby?
Answer: Hello! Every baby needs are different and hence every formula does not suit the baby. You need to bring one smaller pack from the various formula milk and checks how the baby reacts. If the baby is having it properly and there are no problems like constipation, then get a a different brand Hope this helps. Take care
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Question: Which formula milk is best for 2 month baby..
Answer: Hello Dear if yu don't have enough breast milk then only milk yu can give yur baby us formula milk and no other milk till yur baby is one year old. We have many good brands if formula milk substitute like Nan pro one Lactogen Similac advance Enfagrow A Enfamil baby formula Nutria decolax
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