36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Remide for yeast infection in private part.

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Answer: Take lemon juice, yokurt is the best option. Drink more water.
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Question: I am suffering from yeast infection ( rashes,eching in private part) which medicine should i take
Answer: Hi! Yeast infection in vagina is common in pregnancy, a lot of hormonal activity disrupts the PH balance of vagina. Yeast infection does not harm the baby in the womb but if its not reported to the Doctor or untreated your baby may catch it in the mouth as thrush because the baby passes through the birth canal. You can discuss it witj your doctor and can apply an.antifungal cream to treat it. You need to drink a lot of water. Have yogurt as its a probiotic. Do not wash with soap or intimate wash. Wear light cotton panties keep the area clean & dry. Hope this helps!
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Question: yeast infection in 3rd month
Answer: Hello! Please consult the doctor for it. Also follow these. Always maintain hygiene. Don't not use sny harsh soaps. Always wear cotton undergarments. Drink plenty of water.
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Question: Yeast infection in pregnancy and remedies for it
Answer: Hi dear, Yeast infections are quite a trouble during pregnancy.as the hormones disrupt the pH of vagina,yeast infections are quite common during pregnancy.diet though donot help much when the infection has already started ,you would get releif through antifungal vaginal creams and suppositories.dictor can prescribe them keep the area clean and dry.wash it with V wash liquid available in market.sometiomes applying coconut oil there helps in infection.including plain yogurt in diet will help grow healthy bacteria in gut and also treat yeast infection.gelic in diet is also useful due to its antiinflammatory quality.
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