35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: For uterus infection using medicine but no use after medication it Will be start again please tell any remedies at home

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Answer: Hi dear I hope that you are referring to and urine infection but rather than home remedies a dosage of antibiotic is important for urine infection during pregnancy test can be risky if it is reoccurring, please have lots and lots of water have curd as probiotic you can have Cranberry juice it is very good in treating UTI and also do inform your doctor because a dosage of medicine is important to treat the urine infection and also try to use a toilet spray to disinfect the area before you start using any toilet.. Hope this helps!
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    Monika choudhary28 days ago

    Use candid b cream there

Answer: For urine infection, you can take water with lemon juice and add sugar as well as salt in it. Drink atleast 5 glasses a day. You will feel much relaxed. But I also suggest to take medicine , I think some yellow coloured syrup is given by doctor to be taken with water. Maintain hygiene , like avoid public toilets and use dettol liquid to wash the area.
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