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Question: For second time csection, does doctor actually cuts on the same scar or they do it vertically?? Any idea

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Answer: Hi dear! it really depends on how thick the previous scar is. And normally they do cut along the same scar but its done so neat you wont come to know there are 2 cuts there.But don't panic.However, some doctors will use a vertical incision if the C-section is an emergency delivery, and quick entry to the uterus is necessary.
Answer: Hi.. Dear it depends on the doctor, if he will use the same c-section for a second pregnancy, and also on how thick the previous scar is. However, some doctors use a vertical incision if the cesarean is an emergency delivery, and quick entry to the uterus is necessary.
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Question: For second pregnancy they will do c section on scar?
Answer: I know this is action will not be done on the same Sky they will have to see another place on your tummy depending upon the baby position the doctor will be able to decide
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Question: Csection delivery happened on 26th Jan.. Can I do any exercise for reducing the tummy
Answer: Hello dear Drink water half an hour before and after every meal. Do 100 300 ab exercises every day after 6 months of delivery. Stop eating 4 5 hours before bedtime. Wear slightly tighter clothes to make yourself aware of your body. Avoid sugars, wheats and whites. (Sugars cause bloating!)  Eat food that's the size of a fist each hour of the day. Try to eat a liquid diet for once in a week.do breStfeed ur baby and take proper sleep . Avoid stress or post delivery depression. 
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Question: does placenta remain at the same place throughout the pregnancy or it changes by time?
Answer: Hi dear, It keeps changing as the pregnancy progresses.so if you have low lying placenta in early stages,there are chances that it moves up by end of your pregnancy and vice versa.placenta,also grows upwards or downwards with growth of your baby.
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Question: it's my second baby this time also c_sec is done do they cut on same place for delivery
Answer: yes they make a cut on the same place
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