27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: For second pregnancy they will do c section on scar?

3 Answers
Answer: I know this is action will not be done on the same Sky they will have to see another place on your tummy depending upon the baby position the doctor will be able to decide
Answer: It depends it will be good for you if your doctor operates you on the same scar.it depends on doctor
Answer: S dear on the same scar..
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Question: Where do they do Second c section
Answer: Am not able to understand ur question ..can u pls repeat it. R u asking whether going for second c section is good or the place ur asking?
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Question: For second time csection, does doctor actually cuts on the same scar or they do it vertically?? Any idea
Answer: Hi dear! it really depends on how thick the previous scar is. And normally they do cut along the same scar but its done so neat you wont come to know there are 2 cuts there.But don't panic.However, some doctors will use a vertical incision if the C-section is an emergency delivery, and quick entry to the uterus is necessary.
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Question: hello , My previous scar thickness is 3mm .Will i have c section or wait for labour..dr suggested c section.
Answer: Hi, there is no such specific time for this, but since due to csec the muscles font have the capacity to push and so Dr s prefer to go in for a csec. All the best.
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