1 months old baby

Question: For normal delivery, how many days should take rest

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Question: After delivery how many days should take rest? And how to take rest?
Answer: At least 3 months rest is required for mothers. Don't do any work except feeding and playing with ur baby. Maintain healthy diet. Sleep when baby sleeps. Take medicines on time. Don't stress urself mentally.
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Question: How many days take rest for normal delivery?
Answer: Hello Dear post delivery both normal or c-section yur body needs time to heal. After normal delivery yu need to rest minimum one month with proper care , healthy diet n regular massage of body n head. After one month also it does not mean yu can occupy yourself with House hold chores no don't forget yu have a baby to look after. Yu can do light work of home, do not bend n stress yursrlf. Sex should be avoided for minimum two months after that meet yur gynac if yur stitches have healed n yu have no other problems then yur doctor will give a green signal for maintaining a relationship. Be careful as yu are very fertile yu may conceive easily. Eat healthy take care
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Question: In normal delivery how many months we should take rest
Answer: Just 1month is enough but if u take more also it will b better as ur child breastfeeds u need lot of energy. So if possible take 2 months otherwise 1month is enough.
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